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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Eyed Peas - The Beginning

Album cover for The Beginning by B.E.P


everybody knows who Black Eyed Peas is. No need to tell! hahhaha.

their funky songs then came along with their attitude on board is the shizzel!.

despite Fergie being separated away from the group not long ago before came with the THE END, they will certainly have a major comeback with this new shite.

its a good for shite for sure. LOL.

here;s the list of the tracks that will be included with the group's sixth album.

"The Time (Dirty Bit)"
"Light Up the Night"
"Love You Long Time"
"Fashion Beats"
"Don't Stop the Party"
"Do It Like This"
"The Best One Yet (The Boy)"
"Just Can't Get Enough"
"Play It Loud"

from what i heard of The Time (Dirty Bit), its kind of like REALLYYY going into club style. Its becoming more of a Dj Chuckie and LMFAO beat. 

For sure lah electro hip hop kind of beat is what i meant.

The Black Eyed Peas

here's what they have to say;

"[The album] refers to what is actually happening in the world right now," said "The Beginning is symbolic of adopting new technologies, such as augmented reality, 3D, and 360 video. It's also about being experimental and taking songs we've liked from the past and playing around with sick, crazy beats." Taboo added, "This album is the beginning of a new era of Pea world domination -- fasten your seat belts pea-ple enjoy the ride."

 want to download this album? click here :))

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