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Friday, December 31, 2010

day 6 - sample obtainment + rugby

today is December 30 2010 and it is day 6 of my field sampling.

i entered the forest at 1530 and got out at 1640.

my mission for today was not to continue adding up some adjustment to the trap like previous day. its because of i know the time period needed to finish it would certainly extends to few more hours.

so I've decided that today i was only going to focus on collecting samples instead of repairing those traps.

moving from one trap to another, no specimens were trapped. even with the newly enhanced pitfall traps. for glue traps, they're no longer effective due to reduce stickiness. i need to apply new layer of glue perhaps on different trees rather than on the same trees.

snake visibility today? none.

frogs visibility today, there were three frogs were detected today and only one have it's images captured.
it was within the 60 meter length of the line transected.

moving to the last pitfall trap which was PT12 at 160 meter, 2 specimens were seen trapped within the bucket. at first, i thought some coconut fell into it. after thoroughly checked, i noticed that it was a tortoise with a small crab in it.

i never would expected to have captured a tortoise specimen and most important of all was the crab. how did it end up in there? god knows. LOL.

after taking some pictures, i removed them into a plastic bag that i brought along with me whenever i go in case of something like this happen. voila. it worked well.

having the samples, i continue my walk along the trail to the end of the glue traps. searching for specimens here and there then disappointment struck me. not even one got trapped on it. that's okay i guess since i don't really put much hope with glue traps since its been too long anyway.

happy with my catch for today, i got out and hurried myself to the nearest tap water to clean myself. besides, i need to training with the rugby guys at Kuching today.

done cleaning, went back to kenanga to transfer the tortoise to another pail before going to the rugby field.

with my EX5, i rempited myself to Kuching as fast as i could and 1730 was the time that i arrived there. damn its pretty late.

wearing the new rugby short that i just bought a few days earlier which i look good in it i trained myself hard with them boys. hahahahahha. need to brag about myself a bit to help clear the air.

today's training was just some small tactics and we played 7 a side touch rugby. few minutes of game time and the rains pouring hard upon us. its fun! yay! kekekekek

done playing, refreshed myself in the bathroom and the next plan was movie, hangout, and dinner. nice eh? hahhaha

been listening to a lot of conversation there about many things which i could not remember and some of them which i would not dare to write much about. me and Ron waited at the clubhouse for Boy to pick us up since he went back home to change.

2100, Boy came and brought me and Ron for some Sate and Mee Kolok Special before the movie. tonight title was Hantu Kak Limah. LOL. the title itself was being funny. what the hell. don't they have another nicer name than that for hantu? hahahhaha

its the first time that i watched and been to the Medan Pelita Star Cineplex although I've been in Sarawak for quite some time. trust me, it felted like you're watching movie in a room with a projector unlike those in MBO, The Spring. not to mention TGV and GSC at Malaya. way to different i supposed. the best thing bout movie tonight was the happiness and laughter with friends. whew. what a jackass we all were back then. kahkahkahkah

at the end part of the movie, the screen kept on blinking. once it was there, then it blacked out. happened several times before it went to credit. haihs. i don't have to say anymore right? you'll know how it felt bro.

next, went to Lot One cafe near Ayam Penyet beside Kuching's Mosque for some supper. borak-borak and lepak-lepak until 0130.

wow. i really need to pass on this said myself. pay, shake hands and we're done. its me and my EX5 again all the way back to Unimas. 0200 reached Unimas and here i am typing my last word. good night peeps. :))
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Thursday, December 30, 2010

day 5 - sample obtainment + trap enhancement

today is Wednesday December 29 2010 and it is day 5 for my field sampling.

before i went to the sampling, i went to the IBEC office to return back the new Garmin GPS that i just borrowed yesterday. its sound a bit woozy but that's how it goes around here. students objectives were not the main priority. if you do a research project under master of PhD program, only then you could borrow anything you like whenever you want it.

lucky for me that the akak (I'm not quite sure what's her name and i guess its better for me to not just guessing it) told me that alang-alang you have borrowed it, better go for 1 week. all i have to do was just fill out a new form to extend the borrowing time. hehs. I'm feeling a bit ecstatic over then bro.

so i returned back to Kolej Kenanga with the GPS in hand and get myself prepared to get dirty in just a few minutes more.

i entered the forest at 1545 and got out at 1715.

today's objective is to enhance the pitfall traps that i placed earlier with some new technical aspect. the problem with my previous set up was the possibilities of getting specimens were not quite good enough.

Pui (master student of Dr. Indraneil Das) helped me with the additional enhancement.

the trap need to be built with some sort of highway that would guide the animal into the bucket. this guided fence does not need to be solid as a rock but as long as it could withstand some force, then it is okay.

a roll of plastic bag were brought along by me since Pui asked me to do so.

bucket that were filled with water were removed and the water was discharged out to be exact, the bucket should not have any materials contained in it. it just need to be plain empty. i was a bit curious right there. isn't you're supposed to have some bait in order to lure somethings in? beat me. how the hell was i supposed to tell him? maybe I'll have to game someone to make my project running smoothly. kehkehkehkeh

he teaches me on how the highway should looked like consider that its hard to dig out new hole to rearrange back all the traps. want me to arrange those shite back? kiss me arse. kekekekekkee
placing 1 bucket in the ground was already hard enough and arranging it back would make me want to slit somebody throat over there.

the forest floor was swampy as usual for rains keep on pouring its heavy balls sack everyday. wow. tapi yelah. nak buat macam mane. hujan itu adalah rahmat dari Allah S.W.T. aka rain is a blessing from Allah S.W.T. 

today's work only goes about 50%. need to add up another 50% more for tomorrow. hearing the thunder roars, we decided to get out quickly as rain would interfere in our jobs.

as we got out, i went to the bus depot to fairly clean myself from the dirt. as i was doing my thing, i saw Pui's car got stuck in a mud. he was trying hard doing anything he could to get himself out.

i turn back my motorcycle and headed towards him to give a hand. with the power of my fat on my body, i pushed the car and it moved! hahahhaha. nice eh? so he thanked me and i thanked him and we both went our separate ways.

back at Kenanga after i cleaned myself up, its time to watch some Football lads!

its Malaysia against Indonesia Leg2 AFF Suzuki Cup Finals!!!! auuummmmm aummm aummmmmmmm

as soon as i arrived at Warung 2000, the TV starts showing Negaraku anthem being sang. damn its nice.

ordered a chicken chop and straight to the point. Malaysia won! woohooooo!

its Indonesia 2 - Malaysia 1. final aggregate was Malaysia 4 - Indonesia 2. nice game played by Malaysia's own Harimau Muda. yes sir!

i don't want to talk much here anymore. maybe you can tweet yourself for some info you'd might like to know.   thinking of getting a good night sleep. heheheh. goodnight peeps! :))
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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


sekarang ni mmg semangat rakyat malaysia tengah menggelegak apabila pasukan Harimau Muda Malaysia berjaya menundukkan Indonesia di Final AFF Suzuki Cup dengan persembahan tahap International Football Player!

berkat sokongan penyokong, Garuda berjaya diratah oleh Harimau dgn kemenangan mudah 3-0.

aku tengok dalam twitter, dalam facebook, orang indonesia mmg x begitu marah pada malaysia masa perlawanan tempoh hari.

habis semua tempat jadi sesak dgn twit diorang, facebook page pun habis kene serang. sampaikan yang x bersalah pun kene jugak? aduhhhhh.

biaselah menang kalah adat permainan.

masa Indonesia kalahkan Malaysia 5-1 haritu xde pulak rakyat Malaysia nak bising bising. tu yg aku hairan sangat.

kita boleh nampak kan? perbezaan kematangan fikiran rakyat Malaysia dengan rakyat Indonesia begitu ketara.

baca lebih lagi di sini, sini, dan sini. selebihnye google sendiri okayh? kehkehkehkeh

syabas aku ucapkan pada pasukan Harimau Muda. memang cantik persembahan korang. Good Job there Rajagopal!

sekarang, misi baru adalah menumpaskan Indonesia.

AFF Suzuki Cup Final 2010 Leg 2
Malaysia vs Indonesia
December 29 2010 12:00 GMT
Gelora Karno Stadium in Jakarta, Indonesia

penjaga gol Harimau Muda tu x silap aku sebaya kot!!! mak aih. main masa game Indonesia kalah tu dah macam Peter Chech dah aku tengok. gileeee brooo.

bile aku google  - harimau malaya bolasepak -, aku ade jumpe satu gambar ni. poster iklan nike Harimau Muda. mak aihhhhhh..

terbaik gua cakap lu. apa yang mahal pada gambar ni ialah ayat dia. gilaaaaaaaaaa brooooo.

nak download wallpaper ni? tekan here, here, here, and here. :))
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Wynton Kelly - Jazz Piano Collection

Wynton Kelly (December 2, 1931 – April 12, 1971) was a Jamaican-born jazz pianist, who spent his career in the United States. He is perhaps best known for working with trumpeter Miles Davis in the 1950s

read more about him here

his piano jazz music is really delightful. now that is what music suppose to sound like.

when you hear it over and over again, it just like the music itself is the lyric. no words needed to express the song.

wow. how much cooler it can be there peeps?

really, its a worthwhile music to listen to. i recommend this for you to make is as a collection. truly priceless.

here i give to you Wynton Kelly - Jazz Piano Collection album for you to enjoy yourself with. :) click it!

track list :

01 - Whisper not
02 - Dark eyes
03 - Kelly blue
04 - Softly, as in a morning sunshine
05 - On Green Dolphin Street
06 - Temperance
07 - On stage
08 - Skatin'
09 - I'll close my eyes
10 - Unit 7
11 - I want a little girl
12 - Autumn Leaves
13 - On a clear day (you can see forever)

nak download ini? tekan here. :))
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Monday, December 27, 2010

X'mas di Sarawak

harini aku bangun lewat sikit pasal semalam duk lepak ngn memembe. boleh pulak unimas xde karen eh? kehkehkehkehkeh

bangun je terus aku cek mesej kat telefon kan mane laaa tau ade awek nak anta mesej selamat pagi ke ape ke an? hahahahaha

check msg, Boy Krfc suruh kumpul kat clubhouse kat Kuching nak konvoi reramai pegi kismes umah Nick Bora Bora.

aku dengan terkejut nye cepat cepat cari encik asap dulu sebelum pegi mandi. yelah. tengok jam dah kul 12.30
mase kumpul pukul 1. nice! bape menet je lagi kot.

tapi xpeeee. bende kite kene rilek. nak kalut buat ape kan? hehehe

gua dah mandi ape sume, terus jalan. berbekalkan Honda EX5 kesayangan gua, kami terus merempit menuju kuching. tengah gua syok bawak motor, teringat kamera kat bilik. aduuhhhh. nasib baik x jauh lagi an? gua patah balik, amik kamera, teruskan rempitan.

nasib baik minyak moto banyak lagi. xpayah nak isi lagi. dalam kul 1.50 camtu gua sampai kat clubhouse. sampai sampai, tengok baru ade 2 orang je tgh tunggu. tu pun tengah tunggu si Boy. adehhhh. stended la janji orang malaysia mmg camni gua berkate dalam hati.

bape menet pastu boy datang dgn alip ngn zami. boy naik kete mangkuk medic due eko tu, gua parking moto, gua naik ngn alip ngn zami.

esah dgn ijam tunggu kat petronas serian. dalam perjalanan duk sembang memacam bende aku ngn alip ngn zami. ng klaka c benti. yaaa ku pdh tek. heran jwak. tapi yalah. pa gik mk diplah dalam keta ya nk? klaka jk lah. kehkehkehkeh

jauh la wehhhhh nak sampai sane... gile babi.... aku rase dah macam KL pergi seremban dah. cam sialllll. tapi memang syok la pasal pemandangan memang cantik. almaklum laaaa. Sarawak maaa.

umah nik ngn ron pulak atas bukit betul betul. pehhh. sejuk wa cakap lu beb.

sampai sampai, nik ngn ron jemput masuk umah. mak aih..... dah macam berhari raye pulak an kismes kat sini.

kuih raye???
air botol????

hahahahahhaa. nice la. aku rase kek lapis sedulang tadi tu kejap je abis. yelaaaaaa.

pegi beraye bawak budak ragbi. perot seko seko dah macam lembu dah. mane taknyeeeee. lu pikir la wehhhh. kehkehkehkeh

sape yg ade tadi eh? jap jap.

budak medic 2 eko, zami, alip, aku, boy, esah, ijam. haaa. nilah. abis sume kuih brooo.

boy aje dah macam 4 orang. wkakakakakkaakkakakakakaka.

baru kitorang lepak kejap borak borak makan makan sket, ade orang datang umah nick duk bejoget joget benyanyi nyanyi pulakkkkk. kitorang layankan ajeeeee. siap bawak kompang ke apebende ntah bende tu. hahahahaha.

orang ctok tunggah bejoget ya as betanda. Bejoget = Betanda

ahahhaha. memang gelak tawa penuh la dalam serumah tu. lepas dorang blah, tinggal kitorang je an kat situ. so duk sembang sembang borak borak, datang pulak nasikkk yg aku cite tadi. mak aih. sedap la broo. gua makan sikit je pasal nak kene kurus sket la bhai. paham paham la. kehkehkkehkehkeh

abis makan, kami pun beransur pulang, sebelum chow, gambar duluuuu. ape gune kamera kalau x pakai??? an an an? hehehe.

dalam umah tangkap gamba, lua umah tangkap gamba, atas kete tangkap gamba. sume tempat tangkap gamba. gileeeeeee gaaammmmmmba.

masing masing dah masuk dalam kete, sume pun berpecah ikut haluan masing masing. aku ngn zami mmg dah membute dah dalam kete. si alip duk bwak kete.

sampai kat Clubhouse, zami ngn alip turunkan gua pastu gua pun chow. dorang tunggu boy pulak kat situ.

sebelum merempit balik ke unimas, gua kencingggg duluuuuu.


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