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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

day 2 - trap placement

today, Monday 20th December 2010 is the second day of my field work. i went to see Prof Indraneil Das in the morning to ask about my traps equipment whether he already got it or not. we discussed a lot about my project and he asked me to wait till 1500 hrs for my equipment.

later on when the time came, he came to his office where i already waited for him with a plastic bag full of rat glue. FYI, this glue trap is my 2nd inventory technique in obtaining samples of reptiles such as geckos, lizards and maybe even tree snakes.

he showed me how to apply the glue on a tree with specific detail just in case i did not understand what he were talking about. in fact, he speaks bloody fast punye English lah woi. its not that i couldn't catch up things that he said its just that you know.... ala.... you know lah. no need to tell. malu... hehehehehhehehe

went to see Pui (master student working with Institute of Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation (IBEC)) to ask him whether he got any shovel or some things i need for the digging process. other stuff laughed at me when i asked for shovel and cangkul. wadefak? is it funny ke brader? you crazy people don't talk cock la weyy. kekekekekek

checklist of items that i received today:

a roll of plastic bag
100meter measuring tape
15 pail of pitfall trap
6 cans of rat glue
a small shovel
a roll of red and white trail marker

having them all makes me think thrice on how the fuck could i carry all this shit with a EX5????


luckily i got Sarah and Mamat standing nearby with a car to help me with the stuff. once it all inside the car, i rempited my EX5 back to college for some proper clothing. wearing jeans inside peat swamp forest? you must be bangang rite?

back at kenanga, i had to borrow 2 more shovels from PALAPES since my faculty thinks I'm being funny. wadehel.

rempited back again to the forest entrance and Sarah told me that its all getting fussy already because of last night heavy rains. omg.... yesterday my first step got me to my penis. today, it got pass my penis. damn the water level has risen so high. it's like I'm in some movie shit lah wehhh.

never mind that i guess since whether i like it or not, i would still have to face it.

i started with 2 pitfall trap at the starting point.

it felt like the forest hated us. the pail that we placed in the soil must be on the same level as the ground. but, it keeps on floating because of the watery area that surrounded us. Mamat came with an idea to keep the trap fixed by using a stick to hold the pail still. voila!

it worked like a charm.

my method is that every 20 meter on the line transected, both glue trap and pitfall trap were to be placed. at 0 meter, there is 2 pitfall trap and 2 glue trap were placed on both side of the line. the next 20 meter was one trap from both type were placed.

at 40 meter of the line, another 2 trap from both type were placed. at 60 meter, one trap from both type were placed and the plan would continue until the end of the line.

things getting hard as hell starting from 60 meter spot. pitfall traps cannot be place in the soil as it keeps on floating. we only managed to stop at 40meter because its getting darker and we decided night is not the best time at all to place traps.

we enter the forest at 1600 hrs and came out at 1830 hrs. as soon as we got out, its dark already. lucky for us that we survived the time period.

equipments that get dirtied by the forest were cleaned thoroughly and i had to keep it within Mamat's car as i would need help from them again tomorrow. damn its tiring although its just a few hours and we only managed to place 5 pitfall traps out of 15 that we brought along.

later on at night, we all lepak lepak at Family Cafe eating all the food that we want and not to forget the stupid expensive Shisha that we bought for RM12 but not even worth a penny lah wei.... how sad a Shisha vendor could treat their respective customers like that. we asked for apple flavour and it tasted like shite. wadehel? maybe he was assuming that we paid with our bulu ketiak is it? haihs.... so sienz le...

after makan and lepak, we karaoke at Blue Box Tabuan Jaya. screaming our lungs out with;


hope that i would get some snakes lah. tired of waiting ad.

penat and lets tido now. assalamualaikum people. :))


  1. oiii perogol stuff kaa staff? buat poning jer baca

    family cafe tmpt gay nang ptt kawu lepak siya hahhaah

  2. stuff la wehh... gila kwu tok. staff ya palak udun aku. kekekekekke. c lah. aku baruk 1st time pegi family cafe ya. nang boring bosss....


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