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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

day 3 - trap placement + sample obtainment

today is Tuesday December 2010 was day 3rd of my field sampling.

supposedly that we enter the forest early in the morning maybe around 0800 hrs for additional trap placement but it had to be postponed till 1200 hrs. this was due to our nature of woking up late. its kind of sad actually since work that could be finished early, we're not even close.

we entered the forest around 1400 hrs and got out around 1630 hrs.

before we entered, i bought some nasi lemak for all three of us. Sarah, Mamat, and me. in return, Mamat bought cans of 100 plus for all of us. without spoons which i forgot to ask from abang dol stall near Masjid Unimas, bare hand is crucial at that time. kehkehkehkeh

yesterday, one of the shovel's stick were broken and i got anew one replaced from the store.

its a whole lot of crap today. everywhere i dug to place the pitfall traps were useless. everytime i dug, there's always big pile of tree roots and the trap keeps on floating. i was reall pissed today. my morale went straight down to the pie hole. luckily Mamat were there to help me with the pitfall traps. seriously lah bro, if it wasnt for him, my traps would went up to the trees.

all cans of glue were used today . yesterday 5 pitfall traps were placed and today it all adds up to 13. for glue traps, it is estimated to be at least 16.

GT 02 at 0 meter line has a specimen of gecko trapped on it
GT 03 at 20 meter line has a specimen of gecko trapped on it.

species are yet to be determined for preservation procedure were to be applied first.

after we got out, warung is the place to lepak to get our morale back up.
lepak till the rain stops and eating like badak air.

Sarah and Mamat continues their sampling to capture Frogs while i took a nap for a while in my roomku syurgaku.

2100 hrs they called me to the lab as its opened for the night. and here i am, writing my progress report in a blog while preserving the specimens obtained. its going to be a long time before i had to stop all this work that i did. Ya Allah please give me all the strength i need to finish this whole thing so i could wrapped it up with an A. aminn. :))


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