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Saturday, December 25, 2010

day 4 - sample obtainment

today is December 24 2010 and it is the 4th day of my field sampling.

i entered the forest at 1640 hrs and got out at 1800 hrs.

it was a very quick search and collect procedure due to all traps have been laid out. the forest condition is very unusual today as many old twigs and leaves had fall upon the forest floor unlike the usual day. from my guess, it may have been caused by heavy rains that falls down recently.

because of that, my trails had been intertwined with the one that was not. i almost got lost today and lucky for me that I've marked enough trail markers.

moving from one trap to another, it was really a disappointment since there's not even one single specimen for me. I've checked every pitfall traps that I've placed but still zilch. as i reached the 60 meter line, i saw something looked stuck on the glue trap. taking myself closer, it sure is a gecko stuck on my trap. i was overjoyed at that time! no doubt lah bro.

GT 06 at 60 meter line has a specimen of gecko trapped on it
carefully i pulled out some cooking oil that i brought along and started applying it onto my fingers to make things easier. yesterday i pulled the specimen without oil and their skins gets loosen from their body making them hard to identified. today, i was being a little smart. :))

its a weird looking gecko for sure since the head looks like a Cecilia some sort. never mind that for identification procedure starts in the lab and not in the field.

after transferring the specimen obtained into a plastic bag, i continued my walk along the trail.

looking along the traps, there was still no other specimens get trapped. it was very frustrating since from all the traps placed, only 3 of them have samples on it.

snake visibility today? yes.

there were 2 water snakes that i saw near the entrance on the left and right side since its flooded with water bodies. i could only saw a glimpse of it for because of their speed. they looked so fast that they make fast animal looked not fast. hahahahah. ayat macam sial bersepah.

seriously, i need some time to adjust myself with the work that I've been doing now. its just too tiring and the profit gained from it was just not enough and may even look not worth it compared to the sweat given. but hey, I've to be a man am i not? bukan senang nak senang. bukan susah nak susah.

soon as i got out from the forest, i called Sarah to ask her whether lab key is with her or not. she told me that she's going frogging tonight and later she would also go to lab. wait for her call was what she said.

while waiting for her, i parked back my EX5 at the college for some movies and a little bit of asap.  that was when the bloody thing happened to me. damn youuhhh gecko!!!!

it was a big mistake for me to have some pity for that darn animal. i tore up a few hole on the plastic bag for some air as it looked at me with the most pities an animal could ever make at that time.

guess i was wrong. even animal knows how to make fake faces. hahahaha

but still. i did went to the lab just to chill my feelings back.nobody knows how it feels to kene kencing dengan gecko.

so here i am, writing this in front of a PC in a lab that smells like mortuary. but again, this continues to my lappy in my roomy. kehkehkeh

after Sarah has finished with her frogs, we decided to have some bakso. we went there and another disappointment struck upon us. its closed! haiya.....

we continued our journey to warung 2000 instead. on our way there, a proton wira convert evo sailang our car. me and Sarah had to coax mamat into chasing the car back. so we did and i saw 3 turbo meter on the car's dashboard. guess that was fake because it ran away from us for just 140. that's the tops i think. hahahahaha.

we eat at warung. first round is roti canai for everybody and it continues to nasi mak enter for me and mee goreng goes to mamat.

nasi mak enter doesn't seem right when it arrived on our table because the friend chicken that the pak cik gave me is too ridiculously fucking small. unlike the old glory days of mak enter. what the fuck?? the plate didn't even have boiled eggs on it. i was getting a bit confused over there so i went to ask the mak enter and he said back to me there were no eggs and he already gave me an extra piece of chicken with a lousy face. or should i say in a DICK FACE kind of face? yep. that's it. giving me a dick kind of face when I'm just trying to find me some answer.

what a noble thing to do over there mak enter. congratulations! you've just lost a customer you wanker.  I'll never be going there anymore. you can count on that.

i ordered a large size of 100 plus, we went back and that zipped today's story. :))

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