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Friday, December 31, 2010

day 6 - sample obtainment + rugby

today is December 30 2010 and it is day 6 of my field sampling.

i entered the forest at 1530 and got out at 1640.

my mission for today was not to continue adding up some adjustment to the trap like previous day. its because of i know the time period needed to finish it would certainly extends to few more hours.

so I've decided that today i was only going to focus on collecting samples instead of repairing those traps.

moving from one trap to another, no specimens were trapped. even with the newly enhanced pitfall traps. for glue traps, they're no longer effective due to reduce stickiness. i need to apply new layer of glue perhaps on different trees rather than on the same trees.

snake visibility today? none.

frogs visibility today, there were three frogs were detected today and only one have it's images captured.
it was within the 60 meter length of the line transected.

moving to the last pitfall trap which was PT12 at 160 meter, 2 specimens were seen trapped within the bucket. at first, i thought some coconut fell into it. after thoroughly checked, i noticed that it was a tortoise with a small crab in it.

i never would expected to have captured a tortoise specimen and most important of all was the crab. how did it end up in there? god knows. LOL.

after taking some pictures, i removed them into a plastic bag that i brought along with me whenever i go in case of something like this happen. voila. it worked well.

having the samples, i continue my walk along the trail to the end of the glue traps. searching for specimens here and there then disappointment struck me. not even one got trapped on it. that's okay i guess since i don't really put much hope with glue traps since its been too long anyway.

happy with my catch for today, i got out and hurried myself to the nearest tap water to clean myself. besides, i need to training with the rugby guys at Kuching today.

done cleaning, went back to kenanga to transfer the tortoise to another pail before going to the rugby field.

with my EX5, i rempited myself to Kuching as fast as i could and 1730 was the time that i arrived there. damn its pretty late.

wearing the new rugby short that i just bought a few days earlier which i look good in it i trained myself hard with them boys. hahahahahha. need to brag about myself a bit to help clear the air.

today's training was just some small tactics and we played 7 a side touch rugby. few minutes of game time and the rains pouring hard upon us. its fun! yay! kekekekek

done playing, refreshed myself in the bathroom and the next plan was movie, hangout, and dinner. nice eh? hahhaha

been listening to a lot of conversation there about many things which i could not remember and some of them which i would not dare to write much about. me and Ron waited at the clubhouse for Boy to pick us up since he went back home to change.

2100, Boy came and brought me and Ron for some Sate and Mee Kolok Special before the movie. tonight title was Hantu Kak Limah. LOL. the title itself was being funny. what the hell. don't they have another nicer name than that for hantu? hahahhaha

its the first time that i watched and been to the Medan Pelita Star Cineplex although I've been in Sarawak for quite some time. trust me, it felted like you're watching movie in a room with a projector unlike those in MBO, The Spring. not to mention TGV and GSC at Malaya. way to different i supposed. the best thing bout movie tonight was the happiness and laughter with friends. whew. what a jackass we all were back then. kahkahkahkah

at the end part of the movie, the screen kept on blinking. once it was there, then it blacked out. happened several times before it went to credit. haihs. i don't have to say anymore right? you'll know how it felt bro.

next, went to Lot One cafe near Ayam Penyet beside Kuching's Mosque for some supper. borak-borak and lepak-lepak until 0130.

wow. i really need to pass on this said myself. pay, shake hands and we're done. its me and my EX5 again all the way back to Unimas. 0200 reached Unimas and here i am typing my last word. good night peeps. :))

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