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Sunday, December 19, 2010

site survey

today was the first day of my sampling. guess what, its just a site survey. hehehe.

i entered the forest at 1100 hrs today fully equipped with a camera, gps tracking device, parang, a notebook (not the laptop la dude. you crazy or what bring laptop into swampy forest.), and last but not least is a packet of mr asap. kehkehkehkeh

coordinate location of entrance is

N 01˚27’53.5”
E 110˚27’13.2”

i was kind of scared when i entered the site at first since its a hell of a swamp. my first step got me stuck nearly to my penis lah dude. i was like "wadefak? wadefak? wadefak??" before pulling up my feet back.


looking every here and there trying to figure another way in and lucky for me I've found another trail that someone just made. LOL.

as i go along the trail, had to cut down some heavy bushes and some heavy trees. sigh. its getting more fucked up as i go deeper where it was full of thorn and shit.

i even had to bring down a tree to make it as a bridge to cross along. i know that is some RAMBO shit over there dude. hahahahahahaha

i lost track of time in the swamp zone since i didn't bring any clock or shit. the gps device started messing up with me when it lost its satellite signal all the way in. aiya..... making me gila lah woi. only worked on the entrace. grrrrrrr.

 after looking around at the dead end, Sarah called me said she wanted to come along. i head back to the entrance to wait for them.

when i reached the entrance, Yugees and Sarah was already there. damnnnn. they all the flash or what can come here so fast.

i led them to the dead end and we all agreed that the present trail was not long enough as we need at least 300 meters of length.

i had to create a new trail leading us more deeper into the forest. wadefakk...... once again  full of thorny plants and big trees blocking our path. and you know what, this time i got myself real lucky lah woi when my hands was bled all over the place. hahahahahahaha. nasib baik Sarah brought along aid kit with her. then aksi aksi romantik pun happen. aceeeeeehhhhh.

(gile kau awek orang tu siakkk)

kahkahkahkah. bangang la this cikaro making me gelak gelak.

the new trail stops when all of our hands bled. i figured we must put an end because its like the forest were giving us a hint to stop.

you know what, not long after we got out, its rained. LOL. it is true i guess. if it wasn't for the bleed, we all would still in the forest.

once out, we moderately cleaned ourselves and went to warung to makan makan first. then Mamat got us pusing pusing trying to find ABC because Sarah were craving for it.

we pusing all around and still did not found the thing to fill up her nafsu buas. lastly, Mamat decided bakso as the replacement. got bakso, got sweat. yes sir! :))

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