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Thursday, January 13, 2011

day 10 - sample obtainment

today is January 9 2011, and it is day 10 of my field sampling. i entered the forest at 1500 and got out at 1800 hrs.

my purpose of today entering was to obtain specimens from the new glue traps that I've just placed. last time i checked,. there was nothing there. i really hope that today i would get real lucky. the forest floor was heavily flooded with water. more and more trees and leaves were to be seen on the forest floor which looked like it fell from the canopies above. 

moving from one trap to another starting at the entrance, there were still nothing for me to bring back home until I've reached the newly placed glue traps.

then there it was. a greenish lizard were trapped on the glue. from all 6 trees that have glue traps, only one have sample on it.

about the new glue that were provided by Dr. Neil, i found out that it does not damages the sample trapped. plus, no oil were needed to remove the animal. although it doesn't stick well to the trees, i think it did a good job in protecting the trapped specimens.

moving to the next glue trap, i saw a ball of fur on the glue. LOL. I'm sure that belongs to squirrel. it looked like it tries hard to release itself that it doesn't care about its fur anymore.

there's the last pitfall trap near the glue traps area. looking in it, i saw a small skink. collected it and the lizard, i continue back my journey to the entrance as it was the last traps.

back at Kenanga, i washed the lizard thoroughly to remove any excess glue that still got stuck on it under running water. took a few pictures, and its done. waiting to be transferred to the IBEC lab.

the green lizard scientific name Draco quinquefasciatus and it is a flying lizard. this species is hard to find and i guess that luck was on my side that day. the small skink has not yet been identified.


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