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Monday, January 03, 2011

day 7 - field sampling

today is Sunday January 2 2011 and it is day 7 of my field sampling.

i entered the peat swamp forest at 1522 and got out at 1730. i was thinking of applying all the glue traps that i got from Dr. neil the other day apparently there was not enough time.

i started with the GPS coordinate location using the new GPS that i borrowed from the IBEC. this new GPS is surely good. it could triangulate my position even under thick canopy and it takes less than a minute to have my location on the screen. from the way it worked, i'm guessing that it does worth thousands of ringgit. LOL.

the GPS was used to track my length of trail and to mark every way point that I've discovered. pitfall traps location were taken as they were not so many unlike glue traps.

PT 01 -
N 01˚27.877'
E 110˚27.233'

PT 02 - 
N 01˚27.881'
E 110˚27.242'

PT 03 - 
N 01˚27.892'
E 110˚27.242'

PT 04 - 
N 01˚27.904'
E 110˚27.241'

PT 05 - 
N 01˚27.907'
E 110˚27.226'

PT 06 - 
N 01˚27.907'
E 110˚27.226'

PT 07 - 
N 01˚27.913'
E 110˚27.218'

PT 08 - 
N 01˚27.907'
E 110˚27.226'

PT 09 - 
N 01˚27.992'
E 110˚27.219'

PT 10 - 
N 01˚27.937'
E 110˚27.204'

PT 11 - 
N 01˚27.931'
E 110˚27.217'

PT 12 - 
N 01˚27.947'
E 110˚27.225'

end point for today -

N 01˚27.950'
E 110˚27.227'

any capture today? yes.

a tortoise and a gecko. both were trapped in pitfall trap.

tortoise trapped within PT 09, gecko trapped within PT 07.

PT 09 also has specimen of rat inside it but it got away.

PT 11 has a specimen crab of the same species as day 6. 

glue traps has no capture. for today, new glue traps were placed on new locations. 3 cans were used today and 3 more cans available. 

this new brand of glue trap was totally different from the previous brand. it's hard to stick on the tree's surface and would go to waste since the layer cannot be thinned down. thick layer would not be too meaningful as the effect would still be the same unless you wanted to capture a pig. LOLOLOLOLOL.

finished applying the glue, i then reset the GPS trip meter to calculate the total length of the trail i made. arriving at the entrance again, it's driving me mad to found out that the trail was still a 100 meter short. DAMN!. need to add up more sweat. aiyak...... 100 meter is not like 1 meter. its long i tell you!

I've to be positive about what had happened and decided to tell myself to be clear about it. it's my own fault anyway. why should i be mad right? haih.

100 meter? no biggies. YOU CAN DO IT! MALAYSIA BOLEH BROOOOOO. :))

back at Kenanga, a bath was all it take to make me feel better again. nice!

washed the tortoise and placed it with the previous tortoise in the sink. few minutes later, i heard something fell to floor. thought it was a cat. looked back again and i was wrong. its the new tortoise fell to the floor. i was surprised to see that animal was so clever. it climbed up on the back of his friend to escape. well then you know what? the escapade cause it to broke it's shell. i checked if there were any damage and yes they were. the shell got a new crack sign. it's maroon blood could be seen filled the gap between the shell. 

felt pity for the tortoise, i washed it and place it in a pail to prevent it from falling down again. poor that little guy eh? :))

at night, went for bakso with Wan, Ben, Amir, Fred, Dilo who'd just came back from their holiday.

picked up all Wan's stuff to Alamanda along with him. that's for the rest of the day. hope tomorrow would be better than today. :))

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