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Sunday, January 09, 2011

day 8 - night searching

today is December 4 2010 and it is day 8 of my field sampling.

i entered the forest at 2000 ad got out at 2230

there are few people that accompanied me tonight which were Aina, Sarina, and Jijah. all three of them were my classmates. they just helping me out since they did not do their sampling within my site.

there was absolutely no light visibility in the forest during night time because of thick canopy layer. flashlight were very essential when doing active searching during night.

while searching for animals, i also checked my pitfall traps and glue traps whether they would have animals trapped inside. moving from one trap to another untill the end of the trail there were no trapped animals.
i was being a bit dissappointed about that actually.

moving to PT 09, i was surprised to see that it was full of water already. i checked it carefully if there were any specimens trapped inside and i was right. there was one skink and a crab. the skink apparently have died and its body has bloated already. i was confused because the last time i checked was yesterday. it puzzled me for sure. it could not be identified anymore.

i continued my walk along the trail untill the end. this time, i walked till i reached the end of the 300 meter line. pitfall traps placement only ends until 200 meter. i was thinking that the next 100 meter would be filled with glue traps.

i've consulted with Dr. Neil and he advise me to place more pitfall traps for the next 100 meter with maybe 6 more.

i would probably do it on friday since maybe that's the only time i have.

back to the trail, so we continued our walk along the trail.

snake visibility? no.

gecko visibility? no.

lizard visibility? no.

many frogs were seen on the forest floor and some of them even appeared on tree leaves.

i was really hoping to capture snakes that time but it was a false alarm. there were many holes on the ground near tree trunks. i was really hoping there were snakes inside but i was wrong again. we couldn't find any snakes at all. what a waste i guess.

we got out with nothing in hand and it was tiring.

 its dangerous for me to go in there alone at night since i have to be extra cautious on my ever step. maybe i should try to do this more frequently next time. :))

as i reach back to my room, i saw blood on the floor. i was shocked! its the blood from my missing tortoise! at first i thought that it has escape. lucky me. i picked it up and apply some gamat oil around its cracked open shell. then i put it in a pail to prevent it from injuring itself again.

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