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Thursday, January 13, 2011

day 9 - field sampling

Today is January 6 2011 and it is day 9 of my field sampling.

i entered the forest at 1600 and got out at 1750.

starting from the entrance,  i make my way through the trail reaching the end. today was very dissappointing. no sample at all. moving from one trap to another still zilch. while looking for trapped animals on the trap, i also did the third method which was active searching. seriously, its tiring where you have to carefully walk and posses a very trained eye to capture animal.

today, there was nothing much to wrote about. water bodies on the foreast floor keeps on increasing and it doesnt even show signs that it would decrease. everyday, there would be broken twigs and fallen leaves on the forest floor. i was feeling a bit insecure as the trunks and twigs might eventually hit me. pray for me babe.

p/s : no camera for today.

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