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suka blog ni? macam laik a gisik? zasss

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


this event happened between the 8th to 14th of April 2012. lucky for me that time was my mid semester break so I've a little time to spend with them. all the boys are from KRFC and the week was awesome. lots of activities that tend to helps us for a little escapade from everything. just pure awesomeness time spending with friends. like i said, spending time with sweat and tiredness serves better purpose IRL than just sitting in your room doing nothing. looking forward for this event to be happening again soon. i'd never really look down upon the lateness since it's better late than never.

you only live once brah.

hidup ni hanya sekali je brader. waste it correctly.

p.s. not all pictures were uploaded due to some censorship applied. if you know what i mean. hehe

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