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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Home Made Chocolate Chip Cookies For Sale (HALAL)

Been craving for your Grandma's made Cookies?
No time to bake on your own?

Well, crave no more and save your time! Cookies available for order and'll be delivered right to your doorstep :D

3 varieties you can choose from -

- cocoa - 
- butter -
- cocoa / butter + minced almonds -

cookies are made using the best materials available in the market. you won't be disappointed with the taste and the looks of it because it's perfectly packaged for customer's satisfaction.

Cocoa Cookies

safe arrival

perfect packaging

For prices,

35 pieces = MYR 15.00
50 pieces = MYR 17.00
100 pieces = MYR 32.00

payments can be made through Online Transfer or Cash Deposit Machine nearest you to this account,

Maybank Acc. No. : 164490117251
Nurhidayatul Nadia 
Contact No. : +60122484842

item ordered within Malaysia will normally arrive 1 day after being posted. (based on shipping to Kuching, Sarawak from Peninsular Malaysia)  

Tracking number will be provided for your reference.

for International Order outside Malaysia and any inquiries, please contact Nadia through her Facebook.

item ordered will be shipped using Malaysia's Poslaju. buyer bear shipping costs. 

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