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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Sword Bearer Wedding

thanks to Topet for the invitation as one of the sword bearer. he invited me almost a month earlier for the occasion just to reserve my name. thanks a bunch brah.

the occasion occurred on the 5h of May 2013 which is the day of Malaysia's 13th General Election. when he first talk to me about it, i said to myself that this is once in a lifetime opportunity and i'm sure as hell wouldn't miss it. the bridegroom did gave us a small appreciation token for helping with the event.

for me, the experience worth more than the token itself and that it was just a bonus. after i've done with my voting at 0900, i couldn't wait no more but to rush to MAEPS Serdang near the UPM Serdang for the event. guess i was a little behind for when i've arrived, they already started the rehearsal. a bit embarrassed because in the army, there's no such thing as late. heyy. but what am i supposed to do right? i did my best though.

i haven't been able to sleep on the night before. my eyes were just too heavy while i'm driving my way there. you know what. i even fell asleep when the traffic light says stop. a proton wira driver had to come out of his car just to wake me up. when i woke up, i see a damn long line of cars waiting for me to move. darn it! lucky there's a gas station not long after that. had to stop for a can of redbull.

thank god i didn't crashed myself.

me and topet were friends back in the old uni days where we both were in the same faculty, same ROTU unit, played dota together and a whole lot more thing that i just couldn't forget. that day is the first time that i ever met him ever since our graduation day.

thanks to Azlan and Fadhilah for the lovely wedding. wish you guys a blessed marriage. though i just met you guys, you both seems like a nice couple.

there's not much of pictures but it's enough i guess just for the show. thanks haziqah for the pictures you've taken. :)

bila laaa aku nak kawin pulak...

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